Saturday, August 4, 2012

They face near-death experiences- REMEMBER PATIENCE by @ShawnSandhurst

Remember Patience by Shawn Sandhurst

Simon Gray is the leader of the Little Js, a study group which has met on a weekly basis for years in the town of Ridgewood, Illinois. One night, the group's weekly study session is interrupted by a national emergency. A devastating terrorist attack in a major US city occurs during one of the Little Js' final meetings before they all graduate high school. Seizing the opportunity created by the situation, the group, which is religious by nature, bands together and decides to spend their summer vacation in the Middle East, attempting to locate the group who initiated the national crisis in an attempt to convert them. They face near-death experiences, all the while maintaining optimism and a sense of humor amongst the dark comedic background.

Genre : Fiction
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