Monday, August 13, 2012

Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research - RINGS OF A TREE by Carolyn Arnold

Childhood sweethearts Billy and Jillian always knew they'd end up getting married, but not long after, tragedy strikes.  Faced with loss she never expected, Jillian must rely on her husband to help her through. 

Follow generations of their family through their celebrations and their trials, as told through the "eyes" of an oak tree. Rejoice in them over love and new life, and mourn with them over loss and the struggle against cancer.

Rings of a Tree draws a poetic correlation between the changing seasons and the stages of our lives.

3,300 words

Who is the benefiting charity?
"The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is committed to progressing breast cancer research across Canada. From the beginning,  we have focused our efforts on seed funding for translational research."

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