Thursday, August 9, 2012

"I have a fear of cotton balls. A real, true fear." - #Interview with @jessalgilbert

Brief Bio
I was born and raised in SE Iowa and have wanted to be a writer since I was 9 years old. I have a love for french fries, mt. dew, rock music and zombies.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author: 

1.) I despise socks. Hate them with a passion. They're nothing but inhibitors and they make my feet feel like they're suffocating.

2.) I have a fear of cotton balls. A real, true fear. When I buy a bottle of aspirin I have to make my boyfriend take out the cotton and I can't even look at it because it creeps me out!

3.) I do not know how to swim and am deathly afraid of water, yet I would love to live next to the ocean or visit Greece.

4.) I love to cook .. but I usually end up burning everything because I have ADHD and will wonder off when in the middle of cooking. I have a tendency to call everything I make "cajun" style.

5.) The smell of gasoline makes me happy and I can, on occasion, be found huffing gas when I'm filling up my car :P 

Favorite Authors 
Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, David Gibbons.

Where to connect online

Tell us about your book
Name : Origins (A Black Novel, #1)
Genre : YA Paranormal
Length : 270 pages
Formats Available : Mobi, paperback coming soon!

Red pain, Red desire, Red need, Red hunger

I have been plagued by the same dream for months now. A nightmare filled with red, dripping with death, where I am the hunter. There is no escape, no end in sight_. The nightmare has become a reality and I am forced with a choice _ I can become one with the darkness that lives within that is clamoring, clawing to escape, or I can bury the demon, and the nightmares, once and for all.

It may seem like an easy choice, but not when I also have to choose between the father who has raised me or a mother whom I have thought was dead. Not when the choice is my humanity or Immortality_.

Aided by a dark mysterious stranger, a hidden world is opened up to Adelin - a world full of bloodlust and death - the Black world of Immortals. Torn between the two, she faces the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Will she choose the safe, familiar life she has always known? Or will she let the darkness consume her?