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"I am a sucker for a happy ending." - Mini #Interview @CadooCarol

It just couldn’t be, no way, things like this don’t happen in real life… yet there he stood. Stunning, arrogant, okay Jazz Kelly had to admit it sexy as hell. Have you ever had that feeling you’ve experienced something before a smile, a sigh, a touch a look... Oh my god the look, when Jazz Kelly saw "the look" she almost collapsed. That's when Jazz knew, this was Déjà Vu of Love.

Jazz tried to pull herself together in the middle of the hotel lobby, last time she had contact with Mr. Gianni Payne he tried to destroy her life and damm near succeeded. He didn’t but only because Jazz was stronger than he or anyone else thought.

She had survived… beyond that she had thrived. A successful production company, endorsements with major linen and home wares companies. Jazz had lunch with Mick Jagger dammit. Jazz was not going to get sucked into another go round of pretend relationship again. Oh hell no she would not go. Gianni Payne could go to hell and take his girl Friday Alicia with him.

Jazz was an important successful business woman and she would not be tricked by the passion that was already rising in her. How could she be so attracted to a person, who with the exception of one gift had added nothing but pain. Oh well, at the end of the day Jazz had to admit the price of the ticket was worth the ride. Now only one question remained was she going to get on the ride or walk away.
Across the Lobby Gianni Payne was reeling from the shock of seeing Jazz Kelly again. He thought he was over her years ago. His almost middle aged ego did not need another go round with that vixen. Even as he thought the word he could not help but smile. Jazz Kelly was his kind of woman that was for sure. The biggest problem he had was she made it very clear to Gianni he was not her kind of man. Besides Alicia would kill him if he got that nightmare going again. It had taken him months if not years to bounce back from that hurt. Nope, he boarded the elevator I can’t go there again.
Alicia Davidson, Gianni Payne’s oh so personal assistant watched everything from her position in the café . Just of the lobby of the four star hotel. Enjoying her tea she had practically spit the delicious concoction, when she spotted the stunning auburn haired beauty strolling through the lobby. At first Alicia was in complete denial, no way, no fucking way. I thought I took care of that bitch eight years ago. Oh this is not good. If Gianni sees her it is all over. Alicia would never be able to keep them apart again; this was not good Alicia needed to think.
Jazz Kelly watched Gianni Payne board the elevator, oh clearly he had seen Jazz he chose to ignore her. Fine two could play the ignore game; she was not here to see Gianni Payne anyway. Jazz was in Zurich to work, she had a Chalet to design and a party to go to. She was Jazz Kelly of Trading Casa’s a hit television show now. Not a little Client Service Manager. She was no longer a girl Jazz Kelly was a woman a strong, tough successful woman. Oh who was Jazz kidding she was a stone covered marshmallow when it came to Gianni Payne. Jazz's only hope was to avoid Gianni Payne like the bubonic plague.

Genre : Chick Lit/Romance
Length : 380 pages
Formats Available:  Kindle/ paperback September 15th 2012

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Welcome glad you stopped by I hope you enjoy the books I have written I love writing Chick Lit/ Romance. I am a retired Actress, Director,Choreographer, who discovered her real passion in life ...writing.

I have two sons Zachary and Garette I also have two doggie kids Hazel and Harry. I live in the middle of nowhere so I love company. If you ever want to drop by for a cup of Joe in my garden, here are the directions.

Head north out of Los Angeles towards the middle of "Nowhere". When you get to Nowhere go East until you hit "Where the hell are we"? Once there make a left into "Seriously are you kidding me, desolation"? Now keep driving you will think you are going nowhere,you are actually heading to the "End of the world". Okay this is very important pay attention, you will come to an intersection,make a right into "OMG, this looks like the kind of place the mob dumps bodies." That's good you are very close to me, keep going east. After about fifteen miles you will arrive at "This looks like the end of the world." Lot of people start looking for my house about then. To soon, you are not at the end of the world yet... believe me it only looks like the end of the world. Keep going,don't be fooled. Now once you have driven about twnety-five miles start looking to your left. See that stop sign kind of hanging on one nail. Yeah, with all the bullet holes in it, that't the one;go ahead and turn left. Keep coming another quick left I am the last house on the left. Ride on ! You made it Welcome to The End of the World.

My free time is spent gardening, decorating, and writing. I would love to have feedback from readers I think we are always curious about what people think of our work. The only thing I ask is that you don't send me story ideas or critique notes. I ask that only because nowadays it's just complicated. So although I appreciate the fact you have a great story idea, you will have to write it yourself. If that's the case I would love to hear all about it, let's share writing philosophies.

Now go get a great glass of red wine, start the bubble bath grab a couple of chocolate covered caramels with sea salt then enjoy a little you time with a good book. I hope you love and enjoy reading the characters with minimally twice the enjoyment I had writing them.

Please pass the link to my book page to your address and Facebook people; if you believe I am worthy of a personal recommendation.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy the read come on back Nov 15th 2012 for a copy of Inheritance of Love the second in my three part stand alone Nightstand of Love Trilogy. Not to be out done the third and final stand alone Journey of Love will be out for Valentines Day February 1st 2013.

May you enjoy all the bad boys of romance with none of the pain.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author: 
1) My favorite snack is buttered, salted popcorn with a glass of ice cold whole milk.
2) I am a sucker for a happy ending.
3) I am a stone covered marshmellow
4) Peggy Sue Got Married is the one movie I can never watch again.  It made me totally breakdown and be depressed for 2 weeks. LOL
5) I became an entertainer in the first half of my life because I watched Shellie Fabre sing Johnny Angel on the Donna Reed Show. 

Favorite Authors
Ann Rule, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Rex Stout, Earle Stanley Gardber, Danielle Steel

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Twitter : @CadooCarol
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