Monday, August 6, 2012

Five star Psychological Thriller - BLIND VEIL by @BlindVeil


How does an incident that occurred forty years ago and in the South Western United States affect the life of a New York City Cop today?  What does he do when the world he knows suddenly seems but a mere illusion?  Either the officer is slowly losing his grip on reality... or... the unbelievable things he was told by an odd scientist while under duress are actually true. 

Those are the issues that Simms, a former U.S. Marine, must dig years into his past to find answers to. 

The story begins in the 1960's when a crime goes unreported due to social tensions.  Decades later one simple boat ride will forever change Simms' fate.  No matter what his investigation uncovers, one thing is certain; neither answer he seeks will offer him his old life back.  Is he crazy or is it indeed much, much worse?

Check out this five star Psychological Thriller, and SEE for yourself!

Genre : Psychological Thriller

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