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Disturbance by Kay Brooks - A Book Excerpt

Disturbance by Kay Brooks
Genre : Paranormal thriller

Excerpt : My problems started when he moved in next door. The first time I saw him there should have been warning sirens going off in my head, but I just saw a young, good-looking, single man manipulating his furniture through the doorway with an entourage of equally attractive mates. Wait until I tell Carol about this; I’ll never get rid of her, I naively thought. The first night he was there, I didn’t think much of it. It was a Friday and usually I would have been out enjoying myself anyway. It was unusual for me to stay in but I had fallen behind with some of my marking and parent’s evening was coming up. It started off with the music, bass gently pounding through the walls. A couple of the men started to raise their voices and I could hear snippets of their conversations, which mainly consisted of derogatory remarks about women that they had slept with. As the minute hand moved monotonously, the “good looking man next door” seemed much less appealing. The music and their cigarette smoke seeped heavily through the walls of my living room and kitchen diner.
Their voices became more slurred and increasingly laden with expletives. Eventually, it got too much. I could not focus on Thomas Deacon’s spellings or Katie Wells’ number sentences. I put my marking to one side reluctantly and moved into the living room to watch a DVD. The clock read nine thirty and Baby had just carried the watermelons when I decided to give up and go to bed. Watching with the subtitles on was well and good if you weren’t continually distracted by the racket that had become drunken singing next door. I felt a vague sense of panic as I entered my cosy bedroom and realised with an accompanying flipping of the stomach that I could hear them as well upstairs as I would have done if they had been in my own living room. Tucking myself up in bed, I consoled myself by thinking that most people would have house-warming parties when they got a new place. This would be a one off I thought, fingers crossed, touching wood, as I pulled the covers over my head and imagined myself anywhere but there.
      The next day, I emerged from the house feeling far less than wonderful. In fact, I was exhausted having spent the majority of the night lying awake, unable to ignore the shouting and banging that came from next door. In my head, I had run through at least ten different scenarios involving me speaking to him for the first time. In some, I told him that he had kept me awake all night and he sheepishly apologised, asking if there was any way he could make it up to me. As the night moved on, the scenarios had became more depressing. He would apologise with sarcasm dripping from his voice, hinting that I was a loser if I needed to sleep on a Friday night or worse, he would simply laugh in my face and tell me to get used to it. As I bundled my shopping bags into my Micra, I heard his front door slam shut. I looked up, still undecided as to how to handle the situation but saw that it was not him who had left. This man was shorter, with an acutely pointed face. He wore his jeans lower than was decent and pulled the hood of his jacket up over his head, even though it wasn’t raining. He took a disinterested glance at me, turned, spat on the floor and walked off. Unnerved, I climbed into the car and locked the doors before I drove off to do my weekly food shopping.
      When I got back from shopping, to my relief, all was quiet. I unpacked the bags and hurried over to Carol’s house to fill her in on the events of the previous night. “God, Lisa! That’s terrible. You should have knocked on my door and you could have stayed here. You know my sofa is always free for you to stay on,” she said, handing me a much needed cup of strong coffee. “It’s not like you haven’t done it before!”
      “I know. That seems like the rational thing to do now but I just kept thinking it would stop. Goodness knows what time he decided to call the party to an end. I must have dropped off despite all the noise though.”
      “Hopefully, you are right about it being a house warming party. It could just be a one off. I mean, my brother lives on his own and he rarely has anyone over except whichever girl he is seeing at the time. If he wants to spend time with his mates, he does what most grown ups do and goes to the pub.” I sighed and nodded, praying that she was right. I had grown quite accustomed to my busy weeks and contrasting relaxing weekends. I ended up staying at Carol’s for the rest of the afternoon. We opened a bottle of wine. My marking could wait until later.
      I was horrified when I made my way back across the road and before I even reached my door, I could hear the music blaring out from next door. Slamming the door loudly to remind him that he actually had neighbours, I wondered whether the party had actually ever ended. Carol had not mentioned seeing anyone leave over the course of the day and I had only seen that one man leave. Perhaps the silence had been because they were recuperating in preparation to continue tonight.

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