Monday, July 2, 2012

She's Not Afraid to Push the Limit - @AuthorJDoster

Someone’s out to destroy the Devlin Motor Sports racing team, whose stock car racing roots span three generations. A top DMS driver, Jimmy Stanton, is brutally kidnapped. When sexy 23 year old Sean Chase Devlin tries to intervene, he’s tasered senseless. Two days later, Sean, a champion driver in his own right, barely survives a suspicious accident and a bone-crushing crash on the speedway.

At his hospital bed hover an angel and a possible devil. Daniella Lawson, his true-love whom he betrayed with nameless one night stands, senses Sean’s attraction to the dark-haired beauty, Dakota Phillips, a competitive racer for the Devlins and the only one on the DMS racing team left to qualify for the upcoming Gator 500 race.

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery
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