Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"As a kid, I almost fell into a septic tank" - #interview with @RasAshcroft

Ras Ashcroft was born in 1987 and currently lives in the UK.

He started work on his first novel at the age of 10, about two boys who found themselves trapped in a haunted amusement park. He didn't quite finish it, because of school commitments and being unable to find a way to write the main characters out of a deadly situation involving wise-cracking skeletons.

He continued to work on short humorous fiction stories for the next 14 years until finally deciding to publish his first book, a humorous parody guide called 'Supervillain: The Concise Guide'.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author:
1. I’ve lived in a couple of areas around the UK from Birmingham and Manchester to various areas around the outskirts of London. I’ve even spent a few years living in India. We sure loved moving!

2. Since graduating from University, I’ve been growing a small business and I love trying out new entrepreneurial ideas that take my fancy.

3. I love cricket, football and badminton.

4. As a kid, I almost fell into a septic tank after I stepped on the cover and it gave way.

5. If I was handed a million dollars, I would hide the money and orchestrate a massive scavenger hunt to find it, winner takes all. Participating in the hunt would cost $10. I would then invest all of those earnings in lottery tickets or the stock market. 

Favorite Authors
Willard Price, Enid Blyton, John Steinbeck, My Dad

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Tell us about your book

Name : Supervillain: The Concise Guide
Genre : Humor/Parody
Length : 26,217 words

Are you tired of living a humdrum life? Is there little to look forward to except a dead-end job and more news headlines that remind you of your insignificance in the world? Do you think the future of humanity depends on your potent leadership skills? Well forget about the nonsense of running for political office and become a supervillain instead.

Fancy degrees and qualifications are not required. With this concise guide, you will learn all the basic tricks of the trade. Ease into your first seedy business, create a large organisation with interests in finance, media and politics, and build a powerful military force. Eventually you will launch your crusade to rule the entire planet.

Take your shot at world domination, and hit the bull’s-eye.

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