Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Independent Voice Celebrates Maurice G Nicholson

Tell us about your book
Length : 157,000 Words
Formats Available : Kindle

It's April 1995 and, after thirty years of bloody strife, change is in the air on the troubled island of Ireland with the movement for peace beginning to gather pace. Living in the beautiful county of Mayo, Harry Ballantine has finally put the life he had always dreamed of together. He has found love with his soul mate, Freya Andreassen, makes a good living running his Adventure Centre in the Delphi Valley and he spends much of his spare time hunting with his Peregrine falcons. But the past has a way of catching up with all men and it suddenly explodes back into Harry's life again, twenty years after he thought it had gone forever.

Three men break into his home and take Freya as a hostage. They have an offer for their old IRA comrade-- the sort that cannot be refused if his love and he are to survive. They want him to commit a foul act of murder that has the potential to fatally derail the burgeoning peace process. It forces Harry to revisit his awful past where he had been a different entity--- Jallad, the finest Libyan trained assassin the movement had ever seen. It is a past he had long before discarded in self-disgust but now it may provide the only route to their salvation.

And Jallad has another meaning for Harry Ballantine. It was the name of the first Peregrine falcon he had ever seen during his time in the desert of Cyrenaica. The hawk, like him, had been the fiercest of assassins but, in her own strange way, she had also begun his rehabilitation and his humanisation.

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Tell us about you.
I was born on Ireland's South coast in 1952 and educated at Clongowes Wood College(James Joyce's Alma Mater) and University College Dublin. I have worked for most of my life as a veterinarian in Ireland, the United Kingdom and in Arabia. My time in the Middle East was packed full of interesting experiences, as I numbered among my clients there both Arab Sheikhs and international arms dealers. It was a formative time for me personally as well for it was there, on the edge of the Arabian Gulf, that I met the man who first encouraged me to write about my experiences. It was some years before his advice and encouragement came to fruition. My contacts with the sport of falconry introduced me to the arid and mountainous regions of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa and further fuelled my love for wild places, wherever in the world they happen to be. I published my first novel CALL DOWN THE HAWK on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform in 2011.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author:
1/ My wife and I walk in the woods every day of the year.
2/ I always have dogs in my life - three at present; a Labrador and two Irish Setters.
3/ I have been a falconer for thirty years.
4/ I used to play first class rugby both in Ireland and England.
5/ I read about three books at a time - usually one fiction and two non-fiction.

Favorite Authors 
Pat Conroy, Wilbur Smith Twitter :!/MGNicholson

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