Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Independent Voice Celebrates Scott Morgan

Tell us about you
Author, editor, ghostwriter, entrepreneur, and ex-journalist.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author:
I'm a fan of the Baltimore Orioles.
I once owned a bookstore named Strangelove's, after my favorite movie.
My life's biggest dream was to be an Olympic ski jumper.
I'm a vegan.
I'm an amateur vexillologist (look it up).

Favorite Authors
Paul Collins, Brian Hodge, Ambrose Bierce, Lee Child 

Where to connect online

Tell us about your book
Name : Character Development from the Inside Out
Genre: : Nonfiction
Length: : 152 pages
Formats Available: : paperback and E-book

No matter what genre you write, your readers all want the same thing, they want to be part of the show. 

Here's the secret: If you want to engage readers, you need great characters, and writing great characters starts with writing great people.

Where to buy: