Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Independent Voice Celebrates Rachel Abbott

Tell us about you
Rachel Abbott spent the majority of her working life running an interactive media company, designing and building software and websites, mainly for education. Her company was sold in 2000, and although she continued working for another 5 years, she also fulfilled a lifelong ambition of buying a property in Italy. The villa was a total ruin, and took about three years to complete, but finally Rachel found the time to fulfil her second ambition - writing a novel.

Rachel still lives in central Italy with her husband and two German Shepherds.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author: 
I love to cook - and living in Italy, that means only stuff that is in season (try to get asparagus here any time other than the 6 weeks it is grown locally, and you're out of luck).
I hate housework - so I don't do it. My husband hates it less than I do (and we have a cleaner.
I lived for most of my life in the north west of England - where it rains all the time, but the people are brilliant.
I adore Italian fashion - and just wish I was thin enough to fit into any of it (it's the cooking!).
I wish I had the self discipline to exercise more and drink less wine (and we won't mention the chocolate).

Favorite Authors 
Minette Walters, Val McDermid, Harlan Coben 

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Tell us about your book
Name : Only the Innocent
Genre : Thriller, Crime, Suspense, Mystery Length : 124,000 words - about 500 pages Formats Available : All ebook formats - for Kindle, iPad, Nook, any ePub reader.

Women are rarely cold blooded killers. But when famous philanthropist Hugo Fletcher is found dead, there is no doubt in anybody s mind that the killer is a woman. And it is clear from the precision of the planning that this was no crime of passion. It was an execution.
The victim was revered the world over for his charitable work with trafficked Eastern European prostitutes, and as at least one of these girls is missing, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Douglas is certain that there has to be a connection.

But nothing is as it appears on the surface. A web of complex relationships is gradually revealed and it seems that everybody has something to hide. As each horrific secret is exposed, Tom Douglas begins to realise that this is much more than a simple murder case. And he has a terrible dilemma to face - whether to punish the guilty, or protect the innocent.

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