Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Lisa Vaughn

Brief Bio:
A self proclaimed 'hippie-chick' that resides in sunny Florida, along with her husband and four cats, exercising her need for self-expression through her art and recently self-published memoir, The Gifted Ones. Everyone has a story...this just happens to be hers.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author:

1. My mantra: Live and Let Live 2. I am a Leo, a cat lover, and hope to come back as a feline in my next life.
3. My favorite activity is laughing - My son and I make a pretty good comedy team (at least we think so!) 4. I'm a vegetarian. Haven't eaten meat in 15 years.
5. If I dig you, you have a loyal friend for life.

Favorite Authors
Honestly, I LOVE unknown indie authors - memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies - anything that speaks truth, shows depth, is real and shows the 'human' side of living. 

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Tell us about your book
Name : The Gifted Ones
Genre: : Memoir
Length: : 282 pages
Formats Available: : Print, Kindle + All ebook versions on Smashwords

Book Blurb : Conservatively raised Catholic, Lisa, at age thirteen, would suddenly find herself on a totally different path. Through an unlikely chance meeting of a fellow classmate, she would soon find herself innocently taking their relationship to a foreign level neither saw coming...finding out what they are made of as they face the consequences and struggles that come along with going against the grain.

This memorable memoir is told in a raw, honest format - much like talking to an old friend. Nothing is held back as you take the journey along with the author - feeling every joy, accomplishment, pain, and sorrow - which will ultimately leave you asking the same question as they did, 'How can loving someone ever be wrong?'

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