Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amazon Snapshot! The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Retro-with-a-twist SF brimming with an infectious enthusiasm!  Saladin Ahmed, author Throne Of the Crescent Moon (forthcoming) If your reader s heart longs for the Golden Age of Science Fictionwhen good was good and bad was bad, and great characters fought against universal oddsthen The Worker Prince is for you. Good, retro fun for the whole family. Jason Sanford, author Never Never Stories, Interzone What if everything you thought you knew about  yourself  and the world turned out to be wrong?
 For Davi Rhii, Prince of the Boralian people, that  nightmare has become a reality. Freshly  graduated from  the prestigious Borali Military  Academy, now he s discovered he was secretly  adopted and born a worker. Ancient enemies of  the Boralians, enslaved now for generations, the  workers of Vertullis live lives harder than Davi had  ever imagined. To make matters worse, Davi s  discovered that the High Lord Councillor of the  Alliance, his uncle Xalivar, is responsible for years of abuse and suppression against the workers Davi now knows as his own people.

His quest to rediscover himself brings him into conflict with Xalivar and his friends and family, calling into question his cultural values and assumptions, and putting in jeopardy all he s worked for his whole life. Davi s never felt more confused and alone. Will he stand and watch the workers face continued mistreatment or turn his back on his loved ones and fight for what s right? Whatever he decides is sure to change his life forever.

Genre : Science Fiction

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