Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a Book Launch & Interview: Orange Petals in a Storm by Niamh Clune

Today's a book launch and interview for a wonderful woman I met on Facebook.  Her support for others is contagious and inspirational. 

Tell us about you.
Author, Singer/Songwriter, Environmental Campaigner, Social Entrepreneur, Dr. of Transpersonal Psychology and a new nana.

Tell us about your book.
Orange Petals in a Storm: A spiritual, inspirational story to feed the soul. In Skyla's world, we find shelter from every hazard and outlive the longest night.

A bedraggled and bruised eleven-year-old child races through the rain-drenched streets of East London as though the hounds of hell were after her. She tries to reach the home of her childhood, a home that was hers until her mother's recent death. What becomes of Skyla McFee once she arrives there? From whom does she run?

Orange Petals in a Storm is a story about a wonderful child who endures great suffering at the hands of her stepfather. Though she lives in a harsh reality, she evolves spiritually despite, or perhaps because of the hurt she suffers. The magical way she transcends her unbearable life through her inner world transports us into the hauntingly beautiful world of the imagination. Telling you that Skyla triumphs over her situation is not a spoiler - because as you get to know her, you realise there is no other way. She must triumph because of who she is.

What inspired you to write this particular story?
The birth of my grand daughter.

What can readers expect when they open your book? Give us something that isn't on the book blurb.
The Inner Child, that part of self that is always pure, always untouched by sorrow or suffering will move you into realising there is always hope and inquiry.

How old were you when you started writing?

Do you stick with one genre, or have you branched out to others? Which ones?
In the past, I have written non-fiction, but always Spiritual/Psychology 

Do you think you would ever branch out into another genre? If so which one(s).
Who knows? I could be tempted to write a romance!

Where do you get your ideas?
From living...from experience, from an inner need to express the beauty and sorrow I see all around me.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My daughter. 

What are you reading right now?
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho 

Who are your favorite authors?
Jane Austin, Tolkien, Jean Paul Sartre. Paolo Coelho 

What is your current project? 
part 2 of the Skyla McFee series: Exaltation of A Rose 

Tell us 5 Random Thing about you the person, not the author:
1. I love being a nana.
2. I love animals
3. Elephants make me cry
4. I worked in Africa for Aid Agencies and it was the best time in my life 
5. I live on a boat on the River Thames

Where to connect online:

What format does your book(s) come in?
e-book and printed 

Where to buy your book: