Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Sheila R. Lamb

Sheila R. Lamb is the author of Once A Goddess and is currently an MFA candidate in Fiction at Queens University of Charlotte. She is at work on a collection of contemporary short stories, as well as the rest of the Brigid trilogy. Visit her website at

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author:
1. I watch Friends re-runs repeatedly.
2. I've been a park ranger. 
3. Sometimes I cannot decide if I'd rather research or write.
4. I have a black cat named Suzy.
5. I could survive quite nicely on blue tortilla chips and green salsa 

Favorite Authors
Marion Zimmer Bradley, Morgan Llywelyn, Sherman Alexie, Brady Udall, Mary Sojourner, Emma Donoghue 

Where to connect online

Tell us about your book
Name : Once A Goddess
Genre: : Historical Fantasy
Length: : 320 pages
Formats Available: Paperback and E-book 

Two tribes battle for control of ancient Ireland, and Brigid must find her place among them, trapped between the will of her people and the desires of her heart. For the sake of peace, Brigid of the supernatural Tuatha de Dannan enters into an arranged marriage with Bres, the next chieftain of the enemy Fomorian tribe, whose iron weapons and brute strength challenge the Danann magic. The Danann instruct Brigid to spy for them, and to keep the source of their powers secret, dangerous tasks that complicate her goal of making the best of her forced union.

Sacrificing her own hope for love, Brigid faces the Fomorians alone. She must confront her rival, Morrigan, who competes for Bres's affections, as she begins to suspect that he is breaking the truce through lies and political manipulation. When his tyranny threatens the very existence of the Danann, Brigid must risk her life to unseat Bres from power.

Set in a time when myths were reality, Once A Goddess brings the legend of Ireland's magical Tuatha de Dannan to life.