Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Joey Avniel

Joey Avniel is passionate about helping people to find their own inner peace. As a former officer in the army he mastered the way of the warrior, but was missing the essential components of peace and happiness. After his service he started to search his own path to inner peace. He received self-improvement training, and then trained others through several different self-improvement programs. Eventually he developed what he calls The Artist Path, a path that guides anyone, even a warrior to find his own inner peace.

Joey's training includes energetic healing, self empowerment teaching, and first aid for suicidal people. Today he's an author and a speaker on the subject of inner peace. He is the co-founder of the publishing house, Barefoot Mind Inspiration and the co-creator of the website,, which helps people deal with and overcome suicidal thoughts.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author 
1. I love movies that make me cry.
2. I couldn't cry for 15 years. I had to teach myself cry again.
3. I was an officer in the army.
4. My dog was my teacher for unconditional love.
5. Only after I relocated 5000 miles away from my parents I've started to have a real relationship with my father. We are now best friends.

Favorite Authors
Paulo Coelho, Dan Millman, Elisabeth Haich, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach 

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Tell us about your book
Name : One-Legged Seagull
Genre: : Transformational Novel
Length: : 210 pages
Formats Available: : all eBooks and will be in printed version by 11/7/2011

Take a journey with Ehud and Simon, as they discover strategies and techniques that help them change frustration and anger into peace of mind. Ehud, a young teenager, meets Simon after a personal disaster--failing his Green Belt test at the local dojo. Together they learn how to handle life's ups and downs with more grace and patience.

Discover how Ehud and Simon are linked in a mysterious, behind-the-scenes way. Their connection points up the way that all of consciousness is a part of one whole reality, a reality defined by compassion and the unfolding potential for joy. Decipher these and other mysteries, in an easy to read format outlined in Joey Avniel's new fictional story, One-Legged Seagull, a Warrior's Journey to Inner Peace.

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