Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Sessha Batto

Sessha Batto turned to writing full time after a twenty year stint in video production editing, scripting and creating motion graphics. Concealed in Shadows, the first book in her Shinobi saga was released in June, the second volume Struggle for Balance will be released in November. Her first novel Strength of Will is currently being edited for re-release. Her short story Wintersong is included in Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica. Her Celtic fairy tale Amadan na Briona is part of eightcuts gallery's Once Upon a Time in a Gallery exhibit. Her short story The Poetry Game is included in New Sun Rising:Stories for Japan, an anthology for tsumani relief. Originally from Belfast, she lives in the States with her husband, son, very old cat and too many swords.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author
1. I practice Tenshin Niten Ichi Ryu Battojutso and spend at least three hours a day with a blade in my hand.
2. I'm a Buddhist (and therefore, of course, a vegetarian)
3. In my misguided youth I actually graduated from law school.
4. I've always owned at least one cat, and at one time I had eight (but only for a few weeks, really!)
5. I hate driving on the highway and will go miles out of my way to stick to more scenic back roads.

Favorite Authors
Mishima Yukio, Murakami, Hermann Hesse, Anne Rice

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Tell us about your book
Name : Shinobi: Concealed in Shadows
Genre: : M/M dark homoerotic fantasy
Length: : 75,000 words
Formats Available: : Print, mobi, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, Plain Text

Will love be sacrificed when duty and honor rule all?

In modern day Japan, the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings, betrayal, sexual abuse, torture and dark homoeroticism.

The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows, performing services that not even the hardened Yakuza will touch. Takahashi Yoshi fulfills his duty with soul-stripping resolve, each assignment driving a nail into a coffin of lost faith. After years of sexual abuse and torture in the name of clan honor, Yoshi must learn to trust, but the man who offers him hope is himself flawed. Sasaki Makoto has spent a career in torture and interrogation, exploring not only the dark secrets of his clan s enemies, but also the darkness within his own heart.

How far must Yoshi run to escape his shame and torment?

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