Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrating Authors is Now on Facebook

In an effort to better support and connect authors to readers, Celebrating Authors is now on Facebook.  

The purpose of this group is two-fold:
1) Authors can share their work.
2) Readers can find new and interesting books to read, as well as share what they're currently reading.

Authors are encouraged to promote their work, even up to 2 times a week.  However, please do not post back-to-back or share your work more than once a day.  ALSO REMEMBER:  This is a public group so post as if you were talking directly to your reader because you will be.

The guidelines are simple:  Keep it professional. Any posts with swearing, or otherwise inappropriate language will result in removal of the post, and could have you removed from the group. Please be respectful of fellow posters. Feel free to like and comment on their posts, but as most of our mothers taught us, 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything'.

Here's the group - Celebrating Authors.  Join today!  I look forward to seeing you over there.

And one more thing, spread the word!  The more that join, the more will follow, and the greater reach we'll have.  That means more readers to find your book, and more books for you to find to read!