Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Tim Queeney

Tell us about yourself
I am a magazine editor and writer and live near Portland, Maine, with my wife and three sons. I coach soccer, have made some short films and recently won an international trivia contest with my hand-picked team of trivia ninjas. I teach celestial navigation both ashore and on large schooners. I'm an offshore sailor and have racked up several thousand ocean sailing miles over the years. These trips have not been without mishaps, however, including a time when 200 miles offshore I absentmindedly dumped all the boat's utensils into 8,000 feet of ocean. Luckily, the owner had a stash of plastic knives and forks on board!

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author
1) The faces of my three boys are the greatest landscapes to behold on earth.
2) Love the sound of crickets on a summer night  bristle at the rasp of cicadas at midday.
3) Chainsaws make me exceedingly uneasy.
4) I watch for the sodium light that sometimes paints the clouds between thunderstorms
5) One of the best parts of sailing is after you've slipped the mooring ball and raised the sails. As the engine dies, the sudden, lovely quiet is broken only by the growing gurgle of water slipping past as the sails fill.

Favorite Authors
Vladimir Nabokov
Cormac McCarthy
Charles Dickens
Willy Shakespeare (I know, I know, but he does rock!) Alice Walker Andre Dubus III 

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Tell us about your book
Name : George in London
Genre: : Comic historical fiction
Length: : about 300 pages
Formats Available: : ebook on Kindle right now
George Washington made a brief visit to Barbados as a young man and never again left America. Well, that s what the history books say. But an eighteenth-century manuscript is discovered in the foundation of Mount Vernon that changes everything. The manuscript tells of 19-year-old George Washington s comic, picaresque 1751 trip to London seeking his fortune.

This isn t George Washington the stuffy old founding father with the wooden teeth. He s a young man still finding his voice. A younger son with no inheritance, George must make his own way in the world. Little does he imagine the adventure he ll have in the great imperial city on the Thames.

The newly discovered manuscript was written by George s traveling companion, Darius Attucks, an African-American master mariner. Though an experienced sailor, Darius is barely older than George and not quite the man of the world he imagines himself. After saving George s life in a shipwreck, Darius is convinced he has been tasked by Heaven to be George s guide.

Darius and George join their patron, a German baron, and sell American land to wealthy Londoners. The well-connected baron promises George cash, a title and even a country estate for his efforts. Best of all, George wins the love of Sophie, a beautiful French countess. What more could a young colonial ask for? George s expedition to London seems an utter success.

But somehow it all goes wrong. Darius, George and Sophie must flee England penniless. Darius manuscript is ultimately stashed in the basement wall of Mount Vernon, where it is unearthed more than 250 years later.

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