Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to Celebrating Authors

This blog was inspired by the self-published authors of the world.  I had featured many talented writers on my blog, Carolyn Arnold - A Writer's Journey, but have decided I'd like to branch out and have a blog dedicated to spotlighting authors and their work.  (Please note: authors don't have to be self-published as this site welcomes everyone).  Remember, the success of this site is dependent upon you, the author and your participation.  And it is also dependent upon followers and subscribers - the readers.

As this blog evolves, I hope it will see interviews, book reviews and spotlights.  But as it's starting out, I'd like to feature The Independent Voice - a post in which the author can tell us a bit about them, their book, where to connect with them online and where to purchase their work.

I'd also like to offer an Amazon widget ad at the top of the blog for those who participate.  To start with, I have honored those who have submitted a form for The Independent Voice in the past.  As the site grows, the widgets will be updated.

Let's face it, there are a lot of books out there, and it might help to have a little direction on what to pick up next.

My desire is that all find this site a beneficial and insightful place to visit for inspiration and good reading material.  Posts will go up on Thursdays, just in time for the weekend, and remain up for one week.

Are you self-published author?  Simply fill out the form here, and submit.  Simple as that.