Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Independent Voice Celebrates Jennifer Dahl

Tell us about yourself:
I live in Oklahoma with my husband of 34 years, three rescue cats and a rescue Mistress of the Universe (aka: a Chihuahua). I write Historical Fiction with a twist - it's not all romance and magnolias.

Tell us 5 Random Things about you the person, not the author
1) I'm a licensed insurance agent.
2) I've lost 64 pounds since January.
3) I hate liver.
4) I love to play dominoes and Scrabble.
5) I firmly believe there is no reason for mosquitoes, poison ivy, or cockroaches to exist.

Favorite Authors
Daphne duMaurier, Larry McMurtry, Margaret Mitchell,  T.M. Hunter 

Where to connect with you online

Tell us about your book
Name : This Lesser Earth
Genre: : Historical Fiction
Formats Available: Kindle

Book Blurb
Before the Civil War was romanticized, it was the stage upon which men bled and died, and beneath which they were hastily buried before the march began to the next battle. It left a nation filled with widows, children, and old men facing a life no longer suited to their means, with debts to be paid by those who hadn 't made them.

Mary Margaret Woodward married a man who could pay one of those debts for her family. It didn t take Mary long to decide her part in the transaction was paid-in-full, and she escaped into another world far more dangerous than any she knew existed. Surrendering her son, her pride, and any hope she had for any kind of normal happiness, Mary Margaret, the Southern Belle, became Maggie, the parlor girl, selling the only thing she had left to survive.

Jacob Granger was a war-weary survivor with little reason to rise each morning and face another day. After burying his wife, Lydia, with their child still wedged within her body, he couldn t understand  or accept  God s will for any of them including the little woman He delivered to take Lydia s place.
When two men from Maggie s past seem to conspire to take her, too, Jacob has to fight another war, return to a god he no longer trusts, and leave Lydia behind  or lose his love again.

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